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Our Training:



week-long training



  • Building relationships and accountability

  • One on One time with God (personal devotions)

  • Cabin group devotionals/discussions

  • Praise & Worship

  • Curriculum training binder

  • Large group training sessions

  • Small group training sessions

  • Scripture memory

Knowing how to share the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone: strangers, close friends, and family

Knowing what you say you believe. A rock solid, intellectual foundation in the Christian faith

Being able to live as a person of integrity, respect, and honor in a corrupt and challenging world

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Dare to be bold:

Evangelism Training

         We will help the students become confident in sharing the life changing message of Jesus Christ with their friends and families.  According to a survey by the Barna research group, 95% of all who claim to be born again never lead even one other person to Jesus Christ!  


We focus on these key areas of evangelism:


  • sharing the gospel by how we live our lives every day

  • building personal relationships

  • memorizing Scripture

  • learning to share the gospel and invite others to receive Christ

  • learning how to lead others in the prayer of salvation           

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Defend Your Faith:

Discipleship Training

          This training grounds students in the truths of the Bible and what it means to be Christian.  We ask the questions: "Do you really know what you say you believe? "  We prove to students beyond a shadow of any doubt the validity and authenticity of the Bible using the legal historical method of proof.  This is the same method that is used worldwide to prove the authenticity of historical figures or events.


During discipleship training, we focus on these key facts:


  •  The Bible really is the Holy and Inspired Word of God.    

  •  Jesus Christ really did live on this earth, die on a Cross,           and rise from the dead.

  •  Jesus Christ really is whom He claimed to be - The Son of God.

  •  Christianity is the most intelligent Faith on earth.

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step up or shut up:

leadership Training

Teaching students basic life skills

  • Honesty

  • Work Ethic

  • Integrity

  • Humility


 By the end of the week, students will have practiced respecting and honoring their peers and sponsors and will be ready to apply these skills in leadership positions in the future.


We focus on three very important things:

  •  Integrity

  •  Respect

  •  Honor

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