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Media Challenge:

Don't forget to filter your heart and mind by participating in the media challenge!

What is the Media Challenge?

The Media Challenge is a simple challenge that we issue to every student and adult who plans to attend Camp Table Rock this summer: 2 weeks before you arrive, stop watching any television or movies, stop playing video games, using the internet (youtube, social media apps, etc.), and listening to secular music. We believe that our culture is so saturated with these things that our hearts and minds are clogged with them, so clogged that we have difficulty hearing from God. Our hearts and minds need to be cleaned out! 


Think of a storm drain near your house. It's made to handle a lot more water than an average rain shower brings. It needs to stay clear so that when the big storm comes it can channel the water to a safe place like it was designed to do. However, over time it starts to clog with leaves, sticks, and a whole bunch of other stuff that it was never designed to handle. Eventually it won't be able to fulfill its purpose, and in result, it will cause damage to homes and property nearby! The drain needs to be kept clean in order to fulfill its purpose. Our hearts and minds also need to be kept clean so that God's Word and Spirit can flow into us so we can fulfill His purpose in our lives.

Why would you

do the Media Challenge?

Because you're addicted to media, aren't you? You don't think so? There's one easy way to find out for sure: try and stop. Filter out all the distractions in your brain that you have become so desensitized to. At this point, you won't even notice them until they're gone. I promise, you won't regret it! 


We believe that clearing out these distractions and influences will not only make your life better, but it will help maximize your camp experience to its full potential! You will arrive at camp with a clear heart and mind - ready to hear from God and experience what He's planned for you!


We believe in this so much, that we're going to give away $25 per day of camp to people who participate! All you have to do is participate in the Media Challenge and enter your name in the drawing when you get to camp. There's really nothing, but garbage, to lose and everything to gain! So why not take the Media Challenge and see what God will do? We can't wait to see you this summer at Camp Table Rock!

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