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Small Groups

& Individual Campers

                                                                                                                                    Since the beginning Camp Table Rock has had an established                                                                                                                       camp program that individuals and groups of all sizes could participate in.                                                                                                    That program is used nearly every week of the summer. As we have grown and                                                                                        evolved, many of our programmed weeks throughout the summer have been booked by one                                                                      large church or a district of churches. 


But Camp Table Rock has room for anyone interested in being trained to be a missionary on their every day mission field and having a blast in the process. That is why we always reserve one or two weeks during the summer for individuals and youth groups of any size to join. It’s the same camp program, but set apart for individuals and smaller youth groups to get a bigger camp experience!


In 2022, we are excited to offer you our  Reality Check Camp


Reality Check is July 18-22 - Our Reality Check will feature our Defend Your Faith series which will focus on equipping students to know what they say they believe.


For more information about our Reality Check Camp please visit their individual webpages.


If you are passionate and committed to bringing your student(s) to Camp Table Rock, but the Reality Check Camp dates do not work for your schedule, please give our office a call to hear some other possible options.


If you have already chosen which week to attend, or bring your youth group to, we would love to know! Give our office a call or email anytime!

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