Large group camp options for 2021

God has called Fun in the Son Ministries to reach junior and senior high students for Christ, and train them in the areas of biblical discipleship, evangelism, and leadership, to become missionaries on their mission field; their schools, homes, and communities. When you partner with the Fun in the Son Ministries, for our camp program, we provide your group with one of our three training programs and a complete camp schedule, for whichever camp path you choose! We provide the entire package! Morning training seminars, evening messages, worship band, food, lake activities, group games, small group curriculum, and an awesome facility!

5-Day Camp
  • Your camp would begin on a Monday at 3 PM and end on a Friday by 10 AM.

  • If you have other preferences for your camp days, we will work with you as much as we can.

  • For a five-day camp you must…


Guarantee 130 paying units for your first year and 150 each year after that. 

Students ...................................  $315

Adults     ...................................  $285

4 Day Weekend Camp
  • Your camp would begin on a Friday at 3 PM and end on a Monday by 10 AM.

  • If you have other preferences for your camp days, we will work with you as much as we can.

  • For a weekend camp you must…


Guarantee 75 paying units minimum.

Students & Adults ...................  $250

For each camp or group YOUR responsibilities include:

  • Promote camp to your group.

  • Collect all applications, forms, and payments.

  • Provide transportation.

  • Provide a camp nurse and medical supplies for your group.

  • Provide the primary, liability, and medical insurance for your group. CTR will provide secondary insurance for you

For each camp event WE will provide:

  • Promotional material including promotional videos, registration forms, and flyers.

  • The camp speaker, training seminars, worship band, curriculum binder, and schedule.

  • A comprehensive, purpose-driven, life-changing, camp experience.

  • Lodging and meals. We have spacious cabins with central heat and air. Eleven meals are provided for a 5-day camp, eight meals for a weekend camp.

  • All activities and entertainment!




These prices remain the same whether you use our program and everything that goes with it, or choose to provide your own speakers, programming, and schedule.